Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 13 October 2012

Your Urgent Prayers Can Help A Mother & Save A Baby Tonight.

Super-Feminista to the...er..."rescue"?

Caroline Farrow has blogged here about an incident at the Whitfield St abortuary Vigil that has been documented as "harrassment".
Caroline answers many of the accusations and assumptions of the original blogger well enough for me to say nothing more on that matter.
However, having spoken to the counsellor who was involved, her concern remains for the young woman who we have called 'Marian'. Marian and her partner, neither of whom were at peace about the abortion, but who felt under pressure from circumstances, were about to come to our Centre for some practical support when her feminist "saviour" (i.e. the blogger who thought she "knew" that Marian was being harassed) parachuted into the situation as she passed by and "rescued" Marian and more or less pushed her into m*r*e stopes.
After this superheroine had left the scene, Marian chose to speak to the counsellor again on her way out. Still very upset she remarked that she now had little time to think about what to do.
Marian has not had the abortion yet, so I am asking you urgently for prayers for Marian and her baby, that she might choose life, and that she may get the chance to receive the practical help that she so badly needs. The specific support she says she needs is not something that the abortuary offers.
Please also pray for the counsellor, it is very unnerving to be portrayed as an agressive bully when one sacrificially gives time to peacefully pray and offer help to women entering an abortuary.
As one of the pray-ers present at the time commented "This woman is the most peaceful, gentle counsellor".
And please come to your local 40 Days for Life Vigil, see the details here.
Clare McCullough

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  1. Both Marian and the brave soldier of Christ counsellor remain in our prayers.


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