Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 6 October 2012

It's Back! Pro-Lifers Still Give Double During 40 Days for Life

St Philomena, Helping Pro-Lifers to Give Double During 40 Days for Life!
Last spring the lenten 40 Days campaign drew out much spite from the pro-death lobby, resulting in the pathetic "Boycott 40 Days for Life" which asked their supporters to donate to BPAS for every day 40 Days prayed outside their abortuary.
Pathetic because even for those believing in the cause, they know that BPAS as the Uk's biggest abortion provider, carrying out thousands of NHS abortions paid for by the Government are hardly strapped for cash.
And pathetic too as an attempt to put people off praying! Did they really think that BPAS getting more money would worry us? We are aware of what BPAS are prepared to do for money already and they are welcome to all the money in the world if that's what it takes to "earn" it.
However, we also put up a fundraising page at the time, "Pro-lifers give double during 40 Days for Life" and in fact our page raised a fantastic £27,000. It was our biggest fundraiser of the year so far. And helped us to support about 40 mums and babies for months.
This time around " 'Education' for 'Choice' " is the group chosen to benefit from pro-death spite at the "40 Days" season.
So we have also re-launched our "Pro-lifers give double during 40 Days for Life" campaign to raise funds for our pregnancy Centre which supports all the 40 Days Vigils in London and cares for their turnarounds. Because we believe that pro-lifers are twice as generous! You can help by donating here http://www.justgiving.com/Good-Counsel-Network and please share the link with your friends. If everyone who reads this gives what they can and spreads the word we can help save more lives and support more Mothers.
St Philomena is the patroness of the Pro-lifers give double campaign.
God bless
Clare McCullough

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