Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday 20 June 2011

Playboy club opens in London

Hugh Hefner was on the BBC news recently telling viewers that opening a Playboy club in London along with his pornographic magazine would help free women! I found this quote in Rising Above Pornography by Rebecca Lomas.

As difficult as it is to give graphic accounts of sexual abuse, the reality is there. Their ugliness, and the shame associated with them are what keep people from reporting abuse. It is only through reality that others understand. Pornography has been accessible for many decades; it is nothing new or modern, and through the years it has gained wider distribution and support, with more openness.

There is an account of a woman who recalls that she was molested as a child. From seven to nine years of age, she was molested for two years by a fourteen-year-old male teenager. The teenager kept a pornographic magazine next to him while he was molesting her. He kept the magazine handy as if it were a stimulating or hands on guide. She now compares his keeping a pornographic magazine near him to a dental intern who keeps an open dental guide handy, while working on trial patients. This woman definitely saw how pornographic material was a contributor to the sexual molestation she suffered. She resented her abuser for years, even though he as also a victim of the same pornographic power.

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