Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Can You Put Your Money Where Our Mouth Is to Save 7 Lives?

This amazing and blessed week we have had SEVEN turnarounds from four different London abortuaries.

Anyone standing outside an abortuary will know that you can stand there for years without necessarily witnessing a turnaround (though many women change their minds that we may never know about).

To get a turnaround at all is a blessing, but 7 in one week is pretty amazing by any standards!

It has been a real blessing to us to be involved in talking to these women on the doorsteps of the abortuaries and being able to offer real tangible help and support.

Congratulations to Eddie, Kay, Josie and all the other faithful supporters of London abortuary vigils.

Now we have to deliver the goods - or rather provide the help we have offered. Can you help?

If you love life and support the Church's teaching on it, this is what we URGENTLY need to provide for these women and their children:

A low-rent 2 bed flat in North West London, for a couple being evicted because they refused to abort.

A 3 bed flat/house in Brent that will accept a DSS tenant.

Lots of prayers.

With your support we can really live the Church's teachings on building a civilization of love

Please spread the word.

Clare McCullough

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