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Saturday 30 April 2011

Kate's Modest Wedding Dress - Get Yours Here

A Return to Modesty?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Well it's always good to see a bit of promotion of Marriage and I think we have had a good bit of that with the royal wedding. Nice to hear a few good bible readings and sermons on the subject.
Perhaps it is a bit churlish to say it's always good to see a cohabiting couple put things right, but it's true. And in this case, we can always hope that it will nudge a few hundred thousand couples in the right direction!
But the absolute moral triumph of the day was the dress! I'm not saying it was perfect (because if I did someone would no doubt correct me!) but it had a top - I mean one that went all the way up to shoulders! A skirt that didn't split to the waist, anywhere. A back. And - wait for it - sleeves! Sleeves! Men, you won't understand how hard it is to get wedding dresses with sleeves on them, but it is ridiculously near impossible. And if you do find one it is sure to be a ludicrous colour or style.

I found a blog by Ashley (a homeschool graduate) girls guide to home life who spotted early on the day that the dress bore a striking resemblance to Grace Kelly's (having blogged on her dress before).

Mind you, as the photo, below, of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace with her bridesmaids et al shows, the dress is by no means identical.

Hat tip to Ashley for digging up some great pictures and for kindly giving us the Vogue pattern number for Princess Grace's dress (V2979 - over at their USA site ) so we can make our own! It's close enough to make an exact copy of Kate's dress with only minor adjustments to the pattern. So anyone preparing to marry who liked Katherine Middleton's dress check it out here!

The Vogue Pattern

Let's hope Kate's dress influences bridal fashion heavily for some time to come - a royal wedding gown can change the face of bridal fashion for a decade or more. It certainly needs some modest influence! As one priest said recently after a wedding, "What with the backless bridesmaid's dresses and the strapless bridal gown, I scarcely knew where to look!".

Clare McCullough

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