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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday 16 December 2010

Ireland: Pro-death Activists Disdain Democracy

‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Case What is it about pro-abortion activists and their total disdain for democracy?
Abortion is ‘completely illegal’ in Ireland, at this moment in time. But will this all change at 11am today?
Shortly, we are expecting that the oddly named European Court of Human “Rights” will pass down a judgment that may instruct Ireland to legalise abortion.
The title of the court case is ‘A,B,C Vs. Ireland.’ This basically means that three women, who will not reveal their true identities, are demanding in a Strasbourg court that Ireland disregard her pro-life laws and allow abortion-on-demand. Pro-life young people have gathered outside the court during court proceedings so that their pro-life voices may be heard. One poster reads ‘Ginmhealladh Sin Dúnmharú’. This is Irish for ‘Slaughter of the conceived human is killing.’
Pro-abortion activists are claiming that pro-lifers are not sympathetic to the women who have taken this court case over the last five years (the case started in July 2005 according to the court’s Statement of Facts). My sympathies are with the three ladies, because firstly they are mothers of dead children. They seemed to have suffered great panic during their pregnancies. One felt that she wouldn’t ‘cope’ if she had another child, another was worried about how she would continue her cancer treatment and the third was worried that the pregnancy would be ectopic. They are staking their case on the basis that their fear and worries would have been eased if they had got abortions in Ireland.
But I am an Irish woman, and I resent that these women are using a far-flung court, to impose their wishes that social abortion become widespread and lawful in Ireland. The women may have been through a lot, but they are in contempt of democracy. Has it not occurred to all those who have orchestrated this case that the Irish people have rejected legal abortion down through the centuries? And that in recent decades the Irish people voted down abortion in three referenda? Do the people who voted against abortion suddenly cease to have any say on what happens in their country? All born and unborn citizens are being dictated to by a court that has no respect for our laws and our sovereignty.
What if the court instructs Ireland to legalise abortion? The court cannot enforce its judgements, and cannot at this time of writing, (but this may shortly change) impose penalties on Ireland for not making abortion legal. The current Irish political class may ignore the court’s rulings.
There is something else about which we must be vigilant – there is an election in the offing in Ireland. The Irish are expected, en masse to ‘boot out’ the politicians who they hold responsible for the pitiless Irish recession. But in turn, they are expected to vote in ‘fringe parties’, socialist parties and horror-of-horrors Labour which, according to their party manifestos, have bigoted pro-abortion policies. Sigh. Sursum corda and our Rosary beads for Ireland.

Mary O' Regan

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