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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ironside's Comments Bring Out the Worst in Our Pro Death Media

A beautiful, severely disabled little girl, born to one of the Mothers Good Counsel serves.

"If I were a mother of a suffering child, I would be the first to want - I mean a deeply suffering child - I would be the first to want to put a pillow over its face," said Virginia Ironside, when she spoke on the BBC. Ironside is a journalist who is a sort of agony aunt for The Independent. She also added, "And I would with any suffering thing."
It’s appropriate that her surname ‘Ironside’ sounds so hard and unfeeling. Many phoned into the BBC to say how horrified they were by her ‘advice’, and GP Peter Evans, a member of the Christian Medical Fellowship said that deciding who ought to live or die is “very dangerous.” But Ironside has had the usual suspects as her supporters. Namely The Guardian defended Ironside's unlawful counsel as “valid” and “brave.” The fact that some other journo has gone on the Beeb and stated her support for infanticide of the disabled allows the Guardian to show it’s true colours. Let’s put Ironside’s hypothesis to the test. Imagine what Ironside would have said to Christy Brown’s parents, as a toddler Christy could not speak and barely moved. Doctors had diagnosed him as mentally disabled – this turned out to be false when after years of close attention from his mother he became a famous painter and author. Now that Ironside has labelled all children who are ‘deeply suffering’ as only fit for being smothered, would she care to get in touch with Stephen Hawking and tell him what her advice would have been to his mother? In the meantime she might like to tell a huge number of highly acclaimed people with autism, that yes thanks for your contributions to art, music and maths, but really your parents should have smothered you. This is the cold reality of Ironside’s notions. It’s a horrendous crime to advocate murder of any infant, which could incite an evil act.
If followed it will rob our world of so many gifted, irreplaceable people.
More details of Ironside's comments may be found at

Mary O'Regan

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