Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday 26 April 2010

Maria Stops Abortion, So Let's Dare to Hope and Pray it Ends Soon.

What a wonderful Mother we have! Mary, our heavenly Mother who helps us to interpret the signs which her spouse, the Holy Spirit, places along the path of our life, so Pope John Paul II told us. It is an honour for me to open the Good Counsel Network blog on this Marian Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel.
On this Feast, when all hope of ending abortion in the UK seems lost, we invite you to HOPE! Every day we speak to women who are considering or even planning to abort an “unplanned” or even (so-called) “unwanted” baby. We invite, pray for, dare and even tempt them to HOPE that there is a place for their baby in their life. Believing as we do that the vocation (i.e. the meaning of her life) of a pregnant woman is to be a Mother, we also believe that God will provide what she needs to fulfil this mission. We believe that, ultimately, fulfilling this mission will bring her true joy and peace. We also know that God has called those of us who are involved in the work of The Good Counsel Network to be one route for women in crisis to find real practical help, friendship and moral support.
Forty two years ago, when Catholics here celebrated this Marian Feast, 26th April 1968, they were doing so for the last time in a country where abortions could not legally take place. From 27th April that year, the 1967 Abortion Act came into force and abortions started to be performed “legally” (if one can ever say “legal” about anything so opposed to God’s law and all that is just).
42 years of political campaigning and caring support of pregnant women as well as of those who have suffered an abortion followed. Currently, few campaigners even HOPE to see the abortion law overturned in our lifetimes. But if we have no HOPE, we have nothing to offer those in despair - which is everyone who (as well as every society which) thinks abortion is a solution to a crisis pregnancy.
But let our HOPE be built on a sure foundation; trust in God firstly of course, but also a firm commitment to prayer and fasting. Together prayer and fasting cause even demons to flee. Let's show others that we really do believe that Mary will be the route that Jesus will take to end abortion forever, hence our title; Maria Stops Abortion.
As one of the original members of the Good Counsel Network here in London, and an Advisor to Pregnant Women in our London Centre for 13 years now, I thank all our praying supporters, workers, volunteers and benefactors for all you do, and for the privilege of working with you for Jesus, through Mary.
by Clare McCullough

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