Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Friday 23 April 2021

St George's Day 2021, 3rd Anniversary of Ealing Buffer Zone

The Feast of St George this year marks the 3rd Anniversary of the introduction of a Buffer Zone to reduce the effectivity of the pro-life Vigil in Mattock Lane. Since the Buffer Zone came into force, offers of help to women entering abortion centres have been removed from the immediate vicinity of the abortion centre entrance. The vigil is still allowed to operate on a small patch of grass 150 metres away from the Marie Stopes' abortion centre, but of course many women going for an abortion never see the pro-life vigil, nor know that it is there or what help it offers. During the first and third lockdowns the Vigil was not allowed to operate at all, while abortion figures rose and abortion centres remained open while also providing abortion pills via the post to women who could not travel. 

During the lockdowns we have had many women contacting us in distress to seek help or counselling after taking the abortion pill. Some have opted to seek medical help to try to reverse the effects of the pills they have taken, usually successfully. Others have contacted us after losing their child seeking a listening ear and moral support.

Today I have been speaking with Jenna, a young Christian mum who took the first abortion pill because her children's father is totally unwilling to commit to her and she is trying to work and study so she can support her children more fully. Without his support it is almost impossible. But she does not think it was the right decision. She has not taken the 2nd pill and is hoping she can keep her baby. She wept as she told me how hard it has been, how wrong she believes abortion is, but how she is struggling to cope. She wept even more as I told her about the help we can offer with childcare to enable her to complete her studies so that she can support her children, and how much support we can give her around this. "If only you were there to tell me about this when I went to the abortion centre" she said "I would never have taken that pill." 

Yes, if only.

3 years on from the establishment of the Buffer Zone, women who are coerced into abortion are more isolated and pressured than ever. Ealing Council has decided after their "Consultation" (if you read that document, you will understand why it seems a travesty to call it that) earlier this year to renew the Buffer Zone for another 3 years.

If you can help at our prayer vigils in Whitfield St, Central London and in the "Designated Area" on Mattock Lane, please get in touch here: info@goodcounselnetwork.com 

St George, Patron saint of England, slay the dragon of abortion and give Our Lady back her dowry!

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