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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Pro-Abortion Buffer Zones Hypocrisy

Rupa Huq MP for Ealing Central and Acton is at the forefront of the campaign to introduce ‘Buffer Zones’ around abortion centres in the UK. This is a move primarily aimed at stopping groups like the Good Counsel Network (www.goodcounsetnet.com), the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and 40 Days for Life, standing outside abortion centres to offer women going in real, practical help and support if they would like to continue their pregnancy. You can see short interviews with women who have been helped to avoid what would in effect have been forced abortion, on the Good Counsel Network website.


Rupa has said a number of times on National Television, that if you want to change the law, go and protest it outside parliament etc. You should never protest outside an abortion centre to change the law.


This photo is of Rupa protesting outside the Ealing abortion centre with Sister Supporter.


The Vigils are not held outside abortion centres to change the law; they are there to offer help and alternatives to abortion.


Rupa and the pro-aborts of SS and Aston University claim that it is “Just about moving Pro-Life demonstrations away from abortion centres and not stopping Pro-Life demonstrations altogether”. But then again on National Television, Rupa complained that another Pro-Life group, Abort67, had held a display at her office. This group does campaign to change the law on abortion, But Rupa thinks that they should not lobby the Constituency Office of an MP, who will not meet with her Constituents to discuss ‘Buffer Zones’, unless they support her views!


We then move to Parliament, where Rupa claims that the medical information used by Good Counsel has been meticulously fact- checked and found to be false. She only gave one example, which was to claim that a photo of a foetus at 20 weeks with fingernails was wrong as babies at 20 weeks don’t have fingernails! The NHS website states that babies have fingernails from 11 weeks.


After the debate, Rupa was photographed with Ealing Counsellors, MPs and members of SS. You may not recognise the woman from SS above Rupa’s head, but here she is in another photo. She had travelled all the way to Birmingham to break through the security barrier to try and disrupt the speakers at the March for Life. 

So let us be honest, Rupa et al, this is not just about forcing women to abort by removing offers of help from outside abortion centres. It is about silencing anyone who does not support your worldview. 

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