Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

40 Days for Life: A Couple that Chose Life

The stories posted so far have been from previous work the Good Counsel Network has done before 40 Days for Life. Below you can find the first account of a turnaround from this very 40 Days campaign, as told by one of our street counsellors. Please keep the couple in your prayers, together with all the other turnarounds (which are now so many, if you include the sites that we're not running, that I'm already losing count!)

"One day, at one of our vigils, a couple called Melissa and Eric came to the abortuary with their baby. I spoke to them and showed them the material I had, including the support that was available. Eric was a Catholic, and said he was against abortion but didn't have any other choice because of some problems they were having with accommodation.

It was obvious they cared about one another a great deal; they were a really nice couple! I mainly spoke with Eric, and he said 'I really love my daughter but we can't have a second child because I'm not working and then there's the accommodation problem'. I told them that we've helped many people before with similar problems. I told them that abortion would damage their relationship and that so many couples split up after having one. I encouraged them to come to the office and see a counsellor, and told them they could always return to the abortuary if they weren't happy with our help. 

Finally, I said they shouldn't rush their decision. As I told them, we see women who keep their babies and we see women who have had abortions and almost all the women who chose abortion regretted it. Melissa went inside and Eric stayed and talked to me. We had a good conversation about God and the Faith. In the end, Melissa came out and agreed to see a counsellor at our centre. After seeing a counsellor, they decided to keep their baby. They both left our centre very happy."
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