Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Good Counsel, a victim of our own success!

As you may well know, over the last 15 years the Good Counsel Network has counselled many thousands of abortion bound Women. In 2011 we more than doubled the number of women that we saw compared to the previous year and this year we look set to increase the number yet again, although we have less counselling staff and volunteers than in previous years. All of this is quite stressful for all of our staff and volunteers so we would ask you at this time to please keep us all in your prayers.
With the increased number of babies being saved from abortion we have seen a drastic increase in the types and amount of support that we need to offer to women in order for them to be able to choose life for their children.
"Annabel" came to us after meeting a volunteer during the 40 days for life prayer vigil outside Bedford Square abortuary this Lent. It was clear to our counsellor that Annabel was set upon abortion due to a total lack of support from her ex-boyfriend and that under pressure from him she may well have returned to the abortuary and had the abortion. It was clear that she needed to be moved from her current accommodation to avoid the daily harassment from her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. This could have all been done at no cost to ourselves if we had had sufficient time for advising landlords of the move, dealing with deposits etc. but it was clear that her baby did not have this time as her living circumstances were intolerable. We therefore paid her first month’s rent so that she could move quickly. Although we have not insisted on Annabel paying all of this money back to us she has insisted on taking out a small standing order to repay this money to us over a long period of time.
Today we have a number of lifesaving financial commitments that we cannot meet. To ensure that no lives are lost due to our current financial situation I would ask you to kindly donate anything that you can at this time via a bank transfer (The Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel Account Number: 00287036 Sort Code: 23 83 95 Bank: Allied Irish Bank) or send a cheque addressed to “The Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel” to P.O. Box 46679, London, NW9 8ZT. Or you can donate here.
We are trying to increase the number of regular donations that we receive through standing orders to avoid urgent appeals of this nature but at this time our monthly outgoings are larger than our income. If you think you could help with a monthly or quarterly donation by standing order please print off this form.
Lastly and most importantly I would say, whether or not you can support us financially at this time please say this novena to St Philomena for our intentions.

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