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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday 24 February 2012

Our Lady's Maternity Ward - A Birth At the Good Counsel's Mother and Baby Home


Paraphrasing the sayings of St. Paul in one his letters to the Romans that for all those who love and trust in God, all things work for their good (see Rom.8:28), I begin this narrative about the miraculous birth of baby Moses inside the living room of Our Lady of Good Counsel Home for Mothers; another great sign of the powerfulness of the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary-Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Baby Moses' Mother went into labour about 3am on Sunday 19th and was sent to the hospital by ambulance by 6.30am. When the Nuns rang to know how she was progressing, they were told that this mother had been sent back home as the Labour was not very far along. By about 2.30pm, she was back at the house still in birth travail. She, with help of the Nuns and other mothers in the house went on strolling to help quicken the labour. Immediately after the supper, the labour seemed to advance as her waters broke about 7.40pm and hospital attention was called. The medic who answered the phone gave a conditional response saying that the woman could be sent in but would still be sent back if not found advanced in labour. And they said that the baby may not come in the next 24 hours. As the poor mother kept on screaming uncontrollably, we rang 999 for ambulance services. About twenty minutes after that came the ambulance with some paramedics. After examining Moses' Mother, they decided that she would not make it to the hospital and as they didn’t want him to be delivered inside the ambulance, they decided to deliver him in the Mother's House living room. What a miracle!
At about 11.50pm, there was a little bit of panicking as Moses' mother who is naturally a strong girl has started getting her strength exhausted. While the Pentecostal girls in the house continued praying in their Pentecostal manner outside the living room, the Nuns went before the Blessed Sacrament prostrating before the Lord, one of the Nuns said this prayer:
‘Beloved Mother Mary, God may not hear me instantly now as I want because of my sinfulness; but you our dearest Mother is sinless and therefore could be heard by God without delay. Please plead with your Son as you did in the wedding at Cana to loose whatever that is holding this baby, to let him come out so that we may hear this baby’s cry now.’
The Nun just had time to say Amen, and the next thing heard was "Waa! Waa! Waa!" Thus baby Moses’ cry that weighed 3.64kg at birth was heard at exactly 12.15am on a Monday in February. Moses became the first recorded baby born inside Our Lady of Good Counsel Home for Mothers. To God be the greatest Glory and Honour.
People may question why the Hospital exposed baby Moses Mother and her carers to such a big risk. It is only God who would give an appropriate response to the why. As for we the children of the Blessed Virgin Mary-the Mother of the Good Counsel and the Holy Family, the reason for all this is for all those who doubt the powerfulness of the intercession of the Mother of God to know that they are missing a lot by their failure to recourse to her.
Oh Mary conceived without original sin continue to pray for those who have recourse to Thee. Amen.
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Mary Joseph J Ogbuokiri, HFSN.

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  1. Thanks be to God and our Blessed Lady, and congratulations to you all, and of course to the new Mum.


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