Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Sunday 22 May 2011

Furniture Needed in Uxbridge to Help House the Unborn!

As we have blogged recently, we have had a great increase in girls coming to us. Many of them are very set on abortion originally, but many have gone on to choose life for their children after offers of moral support and practical help. Thanks be to God.

We have also written before on the scandal of homeless pregnant women who are not entitled to benefit (foreign students and workers for example as well as others) being left to sleep on the street. A growing problem for us here in London.

Our Mother's Home in North West London is always kept full, so we were delighted to find we have been offered the use of a property - not too far from Uxbridge, West London - where we hope to house a further 3 or 4 expectant and new Mothers and their children. A generous supporter has offered this and it is a great help at present, while we have many Mothers in urgent need of housing. However, it is offered on a temporary basis and we can be given 12 weeks notice to quit at any time. Therefore we would like to furnish it QUICKLY in as decent, but also as cheap a fashion as we can!

That's where you come in. Can you provide any of the following items or do you know anyone who can? If possible we are looking for help from people who live near that area or who can deliver to that area. The requested items are :

Single beds
A sofa bed
A couple of arm chairs
A couple of hard chairs
Bedside tables/cabinets
Portable Heater
Single Duvets
Net curtains and heavy curtains: sizes needed -1 pair 10 foot wide and minimum 6 foot drop
2 pairs 8 foot wide and 7 foot drop. 1 pair 5 foot wide and minimum 5 foot drop. 3 matching pairs 2 of which are 5 foot wide and minimum 6 foot drop.
Child safety gate
Bedside Lamps
Pots and pans for the kitchen

We also welcome anyone in the area who could do a spot of painting or gardening and if you know of a good local electrician or plumber that would be very helpful too.

We also have Mothers who have just moved in to accomodation in North London and East London who would welcome some help with furniture too.

Please get in touch if you can help: 02077231740 or info@goodcounselnetwork , and please, please spread the word.
St Rita, patroness of hopeless causes, on your feast day, pray for us!

Clare McCullough

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