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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Why I am Pro-Life 2

My path to the truth and to informing clients of the truth was far from easy, or straightforward. I still had difficulty in understanding why barrier methods of contraception were wrong. I looked at the needs of families, particularly the children and the women, many of whom were in violent, emotionally abusive, dysfunctional relationships and suffering great material poverty. I worried a lot, often torn between my conscience and my desire to help women. But I thank God for the group where I always had the opportunity to discuss, to seek advice and to pray.
I know now that I did not pray enough, did not trust in God enough and was arrogant enough for some time to think that I knew better than Church teaching . Gradually I saw clearly why the teaching of the Church, not only on abortion but on artificial contraception, is so right, so wise. If only I, we, listened always and complied with that teaching what a better place our world would be, how many of our social ills would never have occurred!
I also learned during this period about babies who are conceived artificially via for example invitro fertilisation, artificial insemination etc. where, again, the act of love is separated from life. I understand why this is very much against the teaching of the church and due to the destruction of extra unwanted babies which have been fertilised in the process, these fertility 'treatments' often involve aborting babies.
At the same time I discovered how difficult it is to adopt a small baby, due to the shortage of babies put up for adoption in this country. Babies are either aborted or kept, and usually the small number of children put up for adoption are those taken into care, due for example to parents neglect of their children due to alcohol or drug abuse.
I have often thought that if aliens visited the earth, they would consider us human beings to be completely mad. On the one hand we have hundreds of women killing their babies at all stages of pregnancy every day of the week. On the other we see women who try (mostly unsuccessfully) many artificial means of conceiving a child, or we have couples who are desperate to adopt a baby, but there are not enough babies available for that to happen. This happens because we flout God’s law by breaking the fifth commandment; 'Thou shalt not kill.'
We are children of God, and like all children we need proper rules and boundaries in order to be happy. If we break God’s law we do evil, both to ourselves and to others, evil for which we must suffer the consequences.
Many women thought, and think, that the right to artificial contraception and the right to choose whether to let their babies live or die has liberated them. But there is much evidence to show it has done exactly the opposite and I have seen this evidence for myself during the thirty plus years I have worked with families.
I have talked to teenage girls and young women many of whom have embarked in sexual relationships, not because they wanted to, but because they felt pressurised by their peers, the boyfriends who coerced them, and the pressure to conform to what is now seen as the norm in our society. Many women are afraid to say no because they have a boyfriend who threatens to leave them if they do not comply with their demand for sex. Contraception allows our society to see and use sex as a commodity which is separated from responsibility, commitment, the gift of life and true love. So much of the time it is coarsened, not looked on as sacred and a gift of God but is used for instant gratification and pleasure without responsibility. If life occurs as a result of this it is so often seen as an inconvenience, a failure of contraception, where no one is responsible least of all the father of the expected baby. It is left to the woman to deal with, her problem, as evidenced by millions of women who are rejected and kill their babies, and the millions of women who are lone parents struggling to bring children up without any support from the fathers of these children. Most women will tell you they have not chosen to be alone with their children
Where is their freedom? Where is their liberation.?
Most modern women with children are expected to do it all and most certainly are not able to have it all! The easy availability of abortion and contraception has helped socialise the modern male into the view that it is his right to have sex, but, if a baby is conceived the woman is responsible. Many men having decided it is nothing to do with them either force the woman to have an abortion or leave the relationship.
What has happened to the woman’s choice, freedom, liberation?
The woman has to deal with the consequences, the man can go off and form a new relationship whenever he wants.
The twin evils of abortion and contraception are clear violations of Gods laws. The evidence of the chaos and evil they have caused and continue to cause in our world, in the breakdown of our society is there for all to see if we want to see it.
If all men and women endeavoured to remain chaste, to have sex only within marriage, to be open to life, what a different society we would have, what different lives our children would lead. Life would be so much more like heaven on earth for all of us.
Ronni O'Gara

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