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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Amended!!! 2,674 reasons why BPAS and Marie Stopes need Buffer Zones

1,336 2,257 less abortions
in Ealing and Twickenham Abortion Centres
during 2016 than in 2015.
+ abortions in Birmingham have
dropped by 417.

It's embarrassing! I put this post up on Tuesday morning as "1,336 reasons why BPAS and Marie Stopes need Buffer Zones" stating that abortions at Ealing Marie Stopes and Twickenham BPAS had dropped by 1,336 in total between 2015 and 2016.
Turns out I was so wrong!!!
Then March for Life added on the 417 drop in abortions in the Birmingham area from 2012
figures to 2016 figures.
Then, Justyna, pro-lifer extraordinaire and manager of the Twickenham vigil pointed out that actually my figures were up the creek since I had only included NHS abortions and not the private abortions done in these centres.
 I looked again at the figures and found them as below. Making a total reduction of 2,674 abortions, just from these 3 abortion centres.
So the news is even better!
And it's still true to say:
Wherever there is a full time prayerful presence at an abortion centre, with real help available, abortion figures drop.
This is why abortion providers like Marie Stopes and BPAS want buffer zones

According to department of health statistics,

Marie Stopes Ealing performed 7,459 of abortions in 2015
Marie Stopes Ealing performed 6,484 abortions in 2016
That's a drop of 13%

BPAS Twickenham performed 7,325 abortions in 2015
BPAS Twickenham performed 6043 abortions 2016.
That's a drop of 17.5%

Every life is infinitely precious. Don't let them make us back off! Allow women real options!

Come to our vigils here. Donate to help the Mothers and babies we serve here.
Clare McCullough

Saturday, 4 November 2017

She Holds My Heart - Mother thanks YOU for helping her keep her child.

As the plan to decriminalise abortion in any place and at any gestation rumbles on, the one voice that remains unheard is the voice of those who had no choice at all when they "chose" abortion. UK citizens with rights to housing and benefits, or those on comfortable incomes, frequently seem unaware that there are many women for whom abortion is not a choice at all, but the only way out of homelessness, destitution, family breakdown or violence. We don't believe that a woman should have to "choose" abortion in these situations, but rather that we should help her out of the situation, enabling her to make a real heartfelt choice about her child.
'Anna' was in a difficult situation when she found out she was pregnant. Listen to her testimony and find out EXACTLY what Good Counsel does.

To help us support Mothers like Anna, you can donate here . See here for details of how to join us in a prayerful, peaceful vigil at abortion centres in London

Friday, 27 October 2017

113 MPs Demand Laws Which Will Increase Abortions

As one of several moves by Members of Parliament to increase the numbers of abortions in the UK, 113 MPs have asked the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to intervene to stop pro-life vigils outside abortion centres.
These MPs in their wisdom, have not made any effort to meet with those women who have chosen life for their babies. They don't know who these women are, they don't care who these women are, or what pressures they face and why they are often very willing to choose life when offered support.
Here is Anna, one of the Mothers we have supported, who changed her mind at an abortion centre talking about the help she received.

And why she thinks help should be offered outside an abortion centre.

If the plans of those 113 MPs were already in place at that time Anna went for her abortion, her child would be dead.
Donate here to help us support Mothers in need. Come and pray at our vigils.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Telling Truths About Pro-Life Vigils

Clare McCullough, founder of the Good Counsel Network, spoke about our work outside abortion centres (in light of Ealing Council's decision to try to ban vigils) on the Emma Barnett radio show on the 11th October 2017.
Note how the host politely asked John from Marie Stopes what pro-lifers attending the vigils do. John went on to claim that people at the vigils, amongst other things, are calling women murderers and physically blocking their access to the clinic. Emma accepts this as being the truth and goes on to say 'Have you seen women coming in to the centre in distress?' To which John replies, 'Yes', and gives more, unsubstantiated allegations, which Emma is quite happy to accept.
Emma then speaks to Clare, and from the start takes up a hostile pro abortion stance, constantly interrupting her, and putting all of the allegations to her as if they were fact. When Clare points out that we never film outside the clinics Emma suggests that evidence to the contrary may emerge, not that she has seen such evidence you understand, and not once did she ask John from the abortion clinic to produce any evidence for his wild accusations. Listen in to see how it went from there.
The Good Counsel Network runs three daily, peaceful prayer vigils outside London abortion centres, in Ealing, Twickenham, and central London. You are welcome to come and join us there in prayer,  (you’re also welcome to come and see the vigils for yourself to see whether John’s accusations are in fact true).
Clare enjoyed her sparring match with Emma, though she was extremely grateful for all those who signed up to pray for her! Media outlets, constantly refuse to speak to women who have been helped by the Good Counsel Network. You can donate to support these mums and their children here. However, at the end of the radio interview, Emma Barnet agreed to  speak to some of the mothers we have helped about our vigils and the ongoing help we provide. You can hear her fulfil this promise (to speak to one mum who turned around, at least) tomorrow morning on Radio 5 Live's "5 Live Daily" (starts 10am) to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act. Let's hope she gives her a fair hearing.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Fearless Mum Takes on the "Experts" on Abortion Centre Vigils!

One of the Mothers we have been privileged to serve speaks here about the importance of offering help outside an abortion centre. The other women on the panel claim to speak for women entering the abortion centre, but only Alina speaks about her own actual experience of receiving, and later offering to other women, pregnancy support outside an abortion centre.

Please support our daily peaceful prayer vigils and donate to help us to continue to help those Mothers who are offered nothing except abortion by the other side.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Evidence of Harassment by Pro-Lifers is Non-Existant

We have had little time to fundraise or do so many other urgent things over the last 2 weeks, with constant media interest in our work following Ealing Council's decision to try to ban our peaceful pro-life vigil. Please help us with your prayers and by donating to support our work if you can.

The 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act is approaching on Friday 27th October, and there is still time to have Mass offered for the end of abortion and in reparation for 50 years of legal abortion, as many of our supporters have already done. (If it can't be said on the date just have it said as soon as you can).

Here is another of Clare's recent media appearances defending peaceful vigils outside abortion centres. Please do consider coming to pray at our vigils, where hundreds of babies have been saved.

Friday, 20 October 2017

A Ban on Pro-Life Help in Ealing?

On Tuesday 10th October, Ealing Council voted in favour of a motion to do all in their legal means to end the peaceful, pro-life vigil outside Marie Stopes Ealing, which has been there for 23 years. This was in response to a petition by a local group Sister Supporter (SS) who have been protesting our vigils for the last 18 months.
If you want a quick reminder of who Sister Supporter are, this would be them in pink, harassing one of our Counsellors and filming the abortion centre entrance. The Good Counsel Network has been holding a daily vigil at Ealing since 2013, but the Helpers and a variety of other groups, have been holding regular vigils there for the last 23 years and more. There has never been a single arrest or charge raised against any of these groups because they do not attend the vigil to harass but to offer women help and to pray. To attend our vigils see details here.

None of Sister Supporter's "evidence" has been shown to the Good Counsel Network to this date, despite Rupa Huq MP offering to forward it on. Nor has a single Councillor contacted Good Counsel, or responded to our request that they speak to some of the Mothers who have sought our help outside Marie Stopes.

Rebutting claims made that pro-lifers harass women, Good Counsel's Director, Clare McCullough has been speaking about the work we do and what really happens at Ealing. Note how those speaking against her continually make unsubstantiated accusations and refuse to provide any evidence from the constantly present cctv cameras at the Marie Stopes Centre.
To provide support and help for the Mothers who are glad we are outside the centres offering help, and who choose life please donate here.

Friday, 28 July 2017

27 Mile March for Life

Please sponsor Stuart, Lorraine and Gabi as they take part in this year’s 7th Annual GK Chesterton Pilgrimage. Gabi and Stuart, along with others, plan to walk the full 27 miles from Notting Hill to Beaconsfield. Grandmother of three, Lorraine will join them when they stop to pray outside the abortion centre in Ealing, where she prays regularly, and will walk the remaining 22 miles with them.

And you can sponsor Lorraine here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lorraine-coyne

To sponsor Gabi you will need to send a cheque payable to; The Guild Of Our Lady of Good Counsel, to, PO Box 46679, London, NW9 8ZT. All money raised will go to the Life Saving work of The Good Counsel Network (You can also send cheques for Lorraine and Stuart to the same address).

If you would like them to pray for anyone along the way, whether you sponsor them or not, please send an email to catholicgkcsociety@yahoo.co.uk

Details of the pilgrimage, which you are welcome to attend, and for copies of the GK Chesterton prayer in a number of languages, see www.catholicgkchestertonsociety.co.uk

Friday, 5 May 2017

"Pro-Choice Feminists" Harass Pregnant Mums and Counsellors

Please share this picture far and wide, Sister Supporter the 'pro-choice, feminists' turned up at Ealing abortion centre today to film and record women entering Marie Stopes as our Counsellors speak to them. Here is one of their male 'feminists' filming a woman who has just entered, who our Counsellor to the left of the gate was speaking to. Do you think filming women entering Marie Stopes is OK? Do you think recording them speaking or choosing not to speak to a Counsellor is OK? This is what Rupa Huq the local MP has encouraged by supporting Sister Supporter protests.

And now Sister Supporter are standing in the street screaming that our Counsellors are filming women going in because we took photos of them filming women going in. God help us, I salute the two incredibly Christlike Counsellors there this morning.

Support a Pro-Life vigil and help women who need real help; http://www.goodcounselnet.co.uk/Abortion--apos-Clinic-apos--Vigils.html

Sunday, 30 April 2017

There's Just One Thing Wrong With The March For Life & We Can't Just Ignore It

There's no denying that the organisers of the March for Life UK have worked incredibly hard to develop the March for Life into a professionally run and inspiring event. This year as usual there are some speakers of a certain calibre, Lila Rose of Live Action for instance, and 3 UK Bishops will be attending, which is quite an achievement in itself. However, there is something seriously wrong with the March, and it needs to be addressed now, rather than some years down the line.

This event is far too good to be attended by a couple of thousand people!

Only you can address this problem. Please come yourself and invite your friends, and even the luke-warm pro-lifers, this will warm them up for sure!

50 years on from the abortion act being passed here, and 8.7 million lives - about the size of the current population of London, if not this year, when will you come?

Follow this link to our website and find the links for London coaches from Westminster, Ealing, Upton Park, and Clapham South as well as coaches from across the UK. See you there!

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