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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Abortion is the Issue in Every Election

A chap from the local labour party knocked on my door a few evenings ago, and asked me to vote for him in the forthcoming local elections. Twenty seconds into his patter I stopped him and asked,
"Where do you stand on Abortion?"
He started to mutter something about it not being relevant in local elections, but went on to say that he was from Tipperary so it was a difficult issue but that generally he supported Abortion and a woman's 'right to choose'.
I told him at that point I would, of course, not be voting for him as I didn't really care too much what his views were on any subject if did not believe in the right to life of unborn babies.
We went on to discuss why he has lapsed from the Church as well as other issues and then parted on good terms. He is now fully aware that is Abortion is relevant in every election and in fact all the time.
Having read Fr Pavone's article (on this blog yesterday) "You Wouldn't Even Ask" explaining why we can never vote for a pro-abortion politician no matter how good his other policies may be, it was very simple for me to deal with this candidate.
As we approach the forthcoming local and general elections it is important that we each individually make pro-life issues a deciding factor in how we vote. We need to make all of our politicians aware that we will decide on this issue and this issue alone. They will then have to take this issue more seriously.
Please pray for the conversion of England, Scotland and Wales as this is really the only way to end Abortion in these countries.
Changing some of the politicians along the way would be a good thing but changing hearts and minds with God's Grace will win the day. For details of where your candidates stand on this issue please see below.

Stuart McCullough

Contact SPUC for a questionnaire for any prospective election candidates

To see how your MP has voted on Life Issues in the past

For Pro-Life Information on the election

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