Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Telling Truths About Pro-Life Vigils

Clare McCullough, founder of the Good Counsel Network, spoke about our work outside abortion centres (in light of Ealing Council's decision to try to ban vigils) on the Emma Barnett radio show on the 11th October 2017.
Note how the host politely asked John from Marie Stopes what pro-lifers attending the vigils do. John went on to claim that people at the vigils, amongst other things, are calling women murderers and physically blocking their access to the clinic. Emma accepts this as being the truth and goes on to say 'Have you seen women coming in to the centre in distress?' To which John replies, 'Yes', and gives more, unsubstantiated allegations, which Emma is quite happy to accept.
Emma then speaks to Clare, and from the start takes up a hostile pro abortion stance, constantly interrupting her, and putting all of the allegations to her as if they were fact. When Clare points out that we never film outside the clinics Emma suggests that evidence to the contrary may emerge, not that she has seen such evidence you understand, and not once did she ask John from the abortion clinic to produce any evidence for his wild accusations. Listen in to see how it went from there.
The Good Counsel Network runs three daily, peaceful prayer vigils outside London abortion centres, in Ealing, Twickenham, and central London. You are welcome to come and join us there in prayer,  (you’re also welcome to come and see the vigils for yourself to see whether John’s accusations are in fact true).
Clare enjoyed her sparring match with Emma, though she was extremely grateful for all those who signed up to pray for her! Media outlets, constantly refuse to speak to women who have been helped by the Good Counsel Network. You can donate to support these mums and their children here. However, at the end of the radio interview, Emma Barnet agreed to  speak to some of the mothers we have helped about our vigils and the ongoing help we provide. You can hear her fulfil this promise (to speak to one mum who turned around, at least) tomorrow morning on Radio 5 Live's "5 Live Daily" (starts 10am) to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act. Let's hope she gives her a fair hearing.

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  1. Thanks for this. I am going to raise a question with the BBC about bias. They challenged the veracity of GCN's statements but just accepted what they were told by Marie Stopes. This is not evenhanded


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