Friday 31 March 2023

You Are Called to be A Sign From God : 40 Days Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 38


Standing outside an abortion centre for hours on end, in all sorts of weather, is not very glamorous; having the occasional encouraging comment from a passing member of the public, as well as a number of disparaging comments, varying from "Get a job" to "**** off",  from others.

I remember counselling Bea in our Centre, who earlier that day had stopped outside the abortion centre in Ealing to talk to a pro-life volunteer, Rebecca. She described Rebecca as a sign from God and even went on to laugh and say "A strange sign maybe, but a sign from God nevertheless."

After many counselling sessions and lots of ongoing, practical support, Bea kept her twins. Had Rebecca the "strange sign from God" not been there that morning, the outcome of this story would have been far from positive. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you can give some time peacefully to pray for Mothers and unborn babies, please come to a pro-life vigil.
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Stuart McCullough

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