Wednesday 29 March 2023

Women Choose Life Because YOU Help Us Support Them: 40 Days Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 36


"You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself" said the card we received from Amanda. 
When we met her, she was alone, without legal status, not entitled to benefits or support, about to become homeless, unwell and struggling to cope with one child.
Now, 2 years down the line, she was rejoicing that she had been able to keep her baby.

Thanks to the support of our benefactors, we were able to support her and keep a roof over her and her children's heads until they got their legal situation sorted out and could move on with their lives and their plans.
This is what we do. But we can only do it because you support us to do it. So this is what YOU do when you support our work.
You can donate to help support our work here or here.

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